Pokemon Gold/Silver Gameshark Cheat Codes (JAPAN)

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Fight any Wild Pokemon: 91??DFD0
Replace ?? with Pokemon number from list. Click here for Gold/Silver list of Pokemon Numbers
Next time you fight a wild pokemon, its type will be the same one you chose.

Full Moneybags: 010F66D5, 014267D5, 013F68D5
Enter these three codes and your supply of money will always be full

Battle Special (colored) Wild Pokemon: 01070BD1
When you use this code every wild Pokemon that you fight will have special golden status. This will make all pokemon like the Golden Gyarados.

Permanent Max Repel Status: 010065D5
This code will stop all wild Pokemon from attacking you while you wander the grass.

Fight Wild Pokemon of Any Level: 91??EED0
Replace ?? with a hexadecimal number for the level of wild Pokemon that you wish to fight. Click here to activate decimal to hex converter.

Change Game Time: 91??DFD1 (hrs), 91??E1D1 (mins)
Replace ??s with the number of hours and minutes that you wish the game time to be set to.

Change TM In First Slot: 01??8ED5
Replace ??s with the number of the TM from the TM LIST.

Infinite TM in First Slot: 01638FD5
Enter this code and you will have infinite TMs in the first slot.