Pokemon Gold/Silver Gameshark Codes (English)

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Wild Shiny Pokemon: 010719D1
If you ever encountered the Red Gyarados, then you know what a shiny Pokemon is. Shiny Pokemon are special and will end up strong. By activating this code every Pokemon you fight in the wild will be shiny. Once you've captured them, save your game. Even when the Gameshark is out they will still be shiny. Very useful for building up a super- party.

Full Money: 019973d5 019974d5 019975d5
As long as these codes are activated you will have full money in your wallet. Keep these codes active and you can go around and buy as much as you want without losing a cent. After you save and turn these codes off you'll still be rich, but you will lose money when you spend it after that.

No Clipping: 010aa6ce , 010aa5ce , 010aa4ce , 010aa3ce
By activating this code you will be able to walk through anything in the English Gold/Silver. Be careful though, this code if VERY dangerous. It is not recommended that you save after using it, just explore.

Fight Pokemon of any level: 01??FCD0
Replace ?? with the hex number of the level you wish to fight. click here for online hex converter!

Catch Any Wild Pokemon: 91??DFD0
Replace ?? with digits from Pokemon. Click here for Pokemon List

Item Modifier: 01??B8D5
This code will change the item you have in your 1st place main slot. The item there will have the same quantity as the regular item. It may be a good idea to buy flower mail, for it is cheap, and put it in your first slot. Replace ?? with value of item from this item list.

Catch Trainer's Pokemon: 010116d1
Keep this code off until you get into a battle. Turn it on and you will be able to catch Pokemon that trainers are using.

Change the current day: 01??DCD1
Replace ?? with a number for what day you want it to be.
00 is Monday, 01 Tuesday, and so on until 06 which is Sunday.

Get All 3 Starter Pokemon: 0100BAD7
At the beginning activate this code. When you choose your first Pokemon pick each one that Prof. Elm has. You should be able to get all 3 by choosing each one.

Ball Modifier: 01??FDD5
Replace ?? with a number for the following balls:
01 Master Ball, 02 Ultra Ball, 04 Great Ball, 05 Poke Ball

Give Best Genes and Best Hidden Power: 01??3FDA, 01FF40DA
This code will make it so when you raise your Pokemon up levels the chances of their stats being increased by larger amounts is greater. It also controls the power of the Hidden Power attack (TM 10) and type. All values below will make hidden power an attack of power 70. Replace ?? with the following values that will control type of hidden power attack:
FF - Dark (use this if you don't care about hidden power)
FE - Dragon, FD - Ice, FC - Psychic, EF - Electric
EE - Grass, ED - Water, EC - Fire, DF - Steel
DE - Ghost, DD - Bug, DC - Rock, CF - Ground
CE - Poison, CD - Flying, CC - Fighting