Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby Gameshark Cheat Codes

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These codes are very new and not all of them have been fully tested. Please email me at pokemon@cheatcode.org and tell me how your code worked out for you!

Pokemon Ruby Master Code: 9E6AC862-823AB7A8, 46B7D9E4-A709E9E1
Pokemon Sapphire Master Code: 9E6AC862-823AB7A8, 8365F8FA-817CF3E9
In order to use Gameshark codes for Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire, you will need to put in the master code. Use one of the master codes above (depending on your game) before you put in more codes.

Choose if a wild Pokemon is a boy or a girl
For a boy Pokemon: 3537AAD4-2B010F73
For a girl Pokemon: B917F77E-0FD658EB
If you would like to choose if a Pokemon that you see in the wild is a male or a female, you can use the above codes. These codes are a good way to catch Pokemon to breed. There are many Pokemon where the girl version is easier to find (like Jigglypuff), so you might want to use this code to fnid a boy Jigglypuff.

Catch Level 100 Wild Pokemon: ECE60170-B3CCB7D2
If you want to find a wild Pokemon that is on level 100, use this code. Remember that any Pokemon is pretty tough when they get to level 100, so catching them might not be easy!

Catch Level 1 Wild Pokemon: C45C7505-6BF97E40
It's fun to have very strong Pokemon, but it's more fun to raise a Pokemon. Use this code if you want to catch a wild Pokemon when it's still a cute little level 1 Pokemon, so you can have the fun of raising it yourself.

Use an Item as Many Times as You Want: A1D75FBC-CEC709E8
This is a very good code when you have an item that there's only 1 of in the game. When you use this code, you can use any item as much as you want without having any less items.

Teach a TM or HM move to any Pokemon: 5AC15E9E-77A6E0ED, 15325455-AA59B848
There are many great TM and HM move in the world of Pokemon, but there's always a Pokemon who can't learn a TM that you have. If you want a Pokemon on your team to learn a TM or HM that it can't learn, then use this code and it will be able to learn.

Get a Full Pokedex: E7343B1C-1E9465D8, 03C39BA2-B0541E66, 85DC5BF3-76315A10
Getting a full Pokedex can be a lot of hard work. With this code, getting a full Pokedex is as easy as a push of a button. Turn this code on and you'll have a full Pokedex. If you save your game and take your Gameshark off, you'll still have a full Pokedex. This code is great if you want to help your friends by giving them full Pokedex's too.

Become Rich: 1B3E8B0C-E075B270
If you want to get more money in your pockets then you could ever spend, use this code. Buying potions and pokeballs will be easy when you're this rich.

Become a Ghost and Move Through (almost) Anything: CE2CCCB2-5D8D815D
This is a great code for going where you're not supposed to go. Turn this code on and you'll be able to walk right through the walls.